In this episode Al and Tony review the Netflix dramedy The Fundamentals of Caring. Also, Albert is excited for Sharknado week, and the guys talk about Comic Con trailers.

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The Revised Fundamentals of Caring by Jonathan Evison

Sharknado week on Syfy

Comic Con Trailers

NES Classic Mini

Blair Witch (2016) aka The Woods?




In this episode the guys review slow-burn indie thriller from Karyn Kusama "The Invitation." Then they definitively and irrefutably answer the question "peanut butter: creamy or crunchy?" and Albert gets excited about Swamp Thing.

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Karyn Kusama

Aeon Flux

Girl Fight

Jennifer's Body

Stranger Things

Sin City a Dame to Kill For

Saga of the Swamp Thing

Albert Reacts to the Sharkado 4 trailer

Godzilla Resurgence

The Magnificent Seven

Lights Out

Star Trek Beyond

Justin Linn

In this episode the guys finally get around to reviewing a good shark movie and talk about Jaws. Then they review campaign songs, and get nerdy about Pokemon GO.


Links about Things We Talked About

The Shallows

Pseudopod Podcast

Frog Plays Pokemon GO

The Fly

Lights Out

The Secret Life of Pets



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In this episode the guys review Mickey Keating's latest horror film, Carnage Park. Then Tony's neighbor dies, and Albert finally gets a fifty-year-old joke. Also, stay tuned to the end of the episode for our spoiler filled discussion of Swiss Army Man.


Albert gets stupid in a wheelchair




Batman v. Superman

How to Yarn Bomb Your Wang Bush

Pippi on the Run

Swiss Army Man


In this episode Al and Tony take on the "horror/comedy" film Stitches. Then Albert spoils Saw 7 and the guys try to figure out when you can know a movie is going to be bad.

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Carnage Park

"Dimension 404" coming to Hulu


Ouija: Origins of Evil


Mike Flanagan

Mickey Keating