In which Tony and Al take a deeper look at season 6 episode 6 of Game of Thrones. In Blood of my Blood we have the GoT equivalent of Meet the Parents, someones hands get really cold, and a few swords come back into play.


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In this episode the guys wrap up Mockbuster Month by reviewing the wonderfully awful sharksploitation movie, Three Headed Shark Attack. Then, Tony talks about being a cameraman on an independent film shoot, and Albert is angry about Legends of Tomorrow.

Al and Tony bust down the door to tell you all about the fifth episode of season 6, and its a doozy! 

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The guys slog onward through mockbuster month with Mega Python vs Gatoroid. Then Albert gets angry at Gareth Edwards for being a stupid poopyhead and the guys interview Sharknado screenwriter, Thunder Levin!


Warner Brothers delays Godzilla 2 so Gareth Edwards can direct

Gareth Edwards leaves Godzilla 2

Warner Brothers delays Godzilla 2 AGAIN because Gareth Edwards isn't directing

Gareth Edwards sucks donkey balls


The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! Al and Tony take an in depth look at "Book of the Stranger," the 4th episode in season 6 of Game of Thrones. In this episode we learn to hate the Boltons more, ship Tormund and Brienne, and reunite siblings every 20 minutes. 

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In this episode the guys review a truly terrible movie called Birdemic.  Then they talk about the best mockbuster movie title ever and wonder what kind of stories you can tell in Utopia; you know, besides Utopia.


Independents' Day Trailer

The Shallows Trailer

Shark Lake

Deep Blue Sea

The Phantom


The Rocketeer

The Martian


Mega Python vs. Gatoroid


This week Al and Tony recap Oathbreaker. They talk at length about the Tower of Joy, various oaths, pious high sparrows, and more!

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Captain America: Civil War Review - Human Echoes Podcast 191.5

Al and Tony dig into Captain America: Civil War, Marvel's new no-holds-barred superhero showdown.

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In this episode the guys review THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER Sharknado 3. Then they get way too political, and get hype for Captain America: Civil War.


The Asylum


Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark

Captain America: Civil War


This week on Game of Thrones, people go "Home", they die, and maybe possibly interesting things happen with somebody we used to know.

Warning: there are spoilers here. This is a full recap.

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