In this episode Al and Tony are divided over the M. Night Shyamalan horror film The Visit. Then Albert tells about yet another camping misadventure, and the guys discuss the state of superhero movies.

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Now You See Me Too


Batman visits Superman

Hush movie trailer

Minecrap 1.9

Groin Room

Danke Meems

In this episode the guys look for the pod in Mickey Keating's freshman film Pod. Then they talk about superheros fighting each other, and the brilliant marketing of 10 Cloverfield Lane.

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Mickey Keating



Jug Face


Lauren Ashley Carter

Batman v Superman

Captain America: Civil War

Hammer Dracula movies

10 Cloverfield Lane

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In this episode the guys review the 2014 horror film Honeymoon. Then Tony talks about his trip to the Silver Scream Fest, and Albert tells his toddler about sex.

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The Lone Ranger

City of Ember

Mouse Hunt

Silver Scream Fest

Serpent and the Rainbow


Snow Shark Ancient Snow Beast


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In this episode, the two whitest guys imaginable review the 2015 film Dope. Then Albert talks about the bad and the worse of Gods of Egypt, and Tony tells us the title of his memoirs.

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Links and Whatnot

Alex Proyas Facebook Rant

Gods of Egypt

Dark City


Idris Elba to star in Dark Tower movies

Joe Teaches Al Dwarf Fortress Part 32

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