In this episode the guys review the thriller The Gift. Then they try to figure out why Tony is so incredibly good looking and debate which poop is best for baking bread.

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The Guest

The Visit

Ezra Miller quote

Actual tweet someone sent in who is absolutely not Tony

Ezekiel bread

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Al and Jon review the newfangled 3d Peanuts movie and share their love of all things Charlie Brown.

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In this episode the guys review David Cronenberg's body horror masterpiece, The Fly. Then they talk about how drunk you need to be to built a trebuchet, and Albert makes an embarrassing addition.

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Maps to the Stars

Eastern Promises

A History of Violence

13 Hours

Tesla coil



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In this episode the guys review the heart-wrenching Netflix original Beasts of No Nation. Then they talk about ExtraLife, and get excited about new shows coming to Netflix. Netflix.

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Here it is in all it's sweet glory, served up hot just for you, our members.


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In this episode Al and Tony are joined by Kevin and Sobe from the Comic Noobs Podcast, as they review Blade, and talk about comic books. Then they discuss the recent report of human DNA being found in hot dogs, and wonder where it could have come from.

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John Dies at the End

This Book is Full of Spiders

Futuristic Violence in Fancy Suits

Human DNA found in hotdogs


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