In this episode Al and Tony try to recover from having just seen Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time. They're joined by Jen, Rocky Horror lover and toast thrower. Then they rank their favourite movies of the year so far, and Tony talks about meeting the real-life Walter White.


Comic Noobs Podcast

Jen's Awesome Shirts

Black Mirror

Bae of Pigs

Transformers Beast Wars

Libriomancer by Jim Hines

The Familiar: Book One



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Al is joined by special Guest Hannah Elizabeth to talk about Timmy Failure: We Meet Again. And also Z Nation.

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In this episode, the guys review the sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet for the third week of Viewers Choice Month (thanks for changing it up with this one guys). Then they answer viewer questions and try to figure out how King Kong could fight the new Godzilla.

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Star Wars Rebels

Z Nation

The Walking Dead

King Kong vs. Godzilla movie could be in the works

Pacific Rim 2 (Editors note: we had this discussion mere hours before we heard news that the movie had been "delayed indefinitely".)


The Visit

Green Inferno

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In which our heroes are revealed to be giant douchebags.

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Viewers choice month rolls on as the guys are forced to review Pitch Perfect. Does it qualify as a musical? Will Tony throw up? Does he even have a soul or a heart or anything?

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Chatroulette guy sings Wrecking Ball

Patch Town

Killer Mermaid

Al and Tony sing together

"When I'm Gone" (Anna Kendrick Cup Song)

The Fall

Brad Fiedel

Star Wars: Aftermath by Chuck Wendig

Terms of Enlistment by Marko Kloos

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In which former pit fighter Alex comes to town to repay her life-debt Johnny Shakespeare and win the heart of Brock “Tire Iron” Pitman

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In this episode the guys kick off viewers choice month with their review of the "classic" children's movie, Pippi on the Run. Then the guys debate whether it would be better to lose their sight or their hearing, and somewhere an angel gets his wings.

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Jon Jones campaign video for Pippi on the Run


Viewers Choice Month

Knock Knock

Notch after Minecraft sale

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Joe, Tony, and Al dive back into Fiasco with a new playset, and this time they’re navigating the post apocalypse!

You can find the videos over on our youtube channel. Just do a search for Human Echoes and remember to subscribe!

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