In this episode the guys review the movie that wants to be the creature feature for a new generation, The Movie Formerly Known as Stung. Then, Tony talks about get holes shot in his eyes with lasers pulses of energy, and Albert is excited for a new Asylum movie.

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Everything comes together. Everything falls apart. Good thing we had those binoculars that could see ghosts.

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In this episode, the guys dig into the creepy indie horror hit It Follows. Then Tony talks about the benefits of open relationships and Al gets a little bit uncomfortable.

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Three Investigators Rule!

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In this episode the guys review the vampire comedy (it is really awesome we promise!) What We Do In the Shadows. Then Albert gets bit by wasps and Tony talks about a controversial judges decision in The Writer's Arena.

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A drifter, a paranormal investigator, and a racist sheriff walk into a morgue…

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In this episode Al and Tony review the best movie about the worst director, Ed Wood. Then they speculate on what movie set they would want to invade, and question the wisdom of the dark and gritty Little Women reboot.

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Nightmare of Ecstasy

Plan 9 from Outer Space

Mystery Science Theatre 3000


D. W. Griffith

Goat Simulator

Little Women reboot

They Live


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Al, Tony, and Joseph load up Tabletop Simulator and check out the game of unhinged storytelling, Fiasco.

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Danny Brophy and Tony take a moment to reflect on the life of wrestler, actor, and genuine bad ass Rowdy Roddy Piper. They examine the John Carpenter movie They Live, talk wrestling, and so much more.

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