In this episode the guys are disappointed by Sharknado. Then Albert is disappointed with New Orleans. And Tony is disappointed with Superman.

Not gonna lie, this podcast is a little rant-y.

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The only things we talked about worth linking to were the Star Wars trailer and the Batman v. Superman trailer. If you haven't seen those yet, you may not even understand what a link is. Let's start at the beginning: the glowing thing in front of you is a computer...

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In this rousing press conference, Danny Brophy and Thomas A. Mays go head to head for linquistic superiority before their bout. They discuss preparation, tactics, and just what they think the other's writing can be put into and used for.


Be sure to check out on 4/20 for more info!



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In the episode the guys break down the creature-feature comedy Big-Ass Spider! Then the guys discuss how great men are made, and Albert drops some weird bible knowledge.

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Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies

Coral Castle

AIDS kills cancer?

The Writer's Arena

Inside Llewyn Davis




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In this episode the guys continue B-movie month by talking about Mercenaries, a female led action film from the Asylum. Albert talks about the trials and tribulations of vacationing with tiny humans, and the guys discuss the upheaval orchestrated at this years Hugos by Sad Puppies. Then Tony reveals he has not yet seen any of the good Fast and Furious movies.

(due to technical issues there is no video for the podcast this week.)

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Coral Castle

Sad Puppies

Furious 7

[Maybe there were more links. I do not know. Technically, I am still on vacation.]

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On this week's show Al and Tony talk about travel, unrequited love, and castle building. After that, they take a dive into P-Rex infested waters and review Poseidon Rex. Shlock month continues! 

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Coral Castle

Bishop's Castle

Poseidon Rex

Man Takes Wells Fargo to Court, Wins

Anne McDaniels

Anne McDaniels. Indulgent picture achieved.
Anne McDaniels. Indulgent picture achieved.
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