In this episode the guys review the 2014 horror-drama-thriller-romance film Nightcrawler. Then Tony gets photoshopped and Albert gets pictures of other men's genitals.

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3d Laser Printers

Demetri Martin

Star Wars: A New Hope novelization

Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back novelization

Chuck Wendig to write Star Wars: Aftermath

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In this special bonus episode, Al and Tony take on Jordan Rubin's Zombeavers. They break down the excellent cast, the broest bros to ever bro, as well as zombified beaver puppets. It's an excellent horror / comedy romp and you should check it out VoD on amazon or see it in theaters.

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In this episode the guys discuss The Taking of Deborah Logan, a horror film with found footage that isn't completely useless! Then they discuss the passing of Terry Pratchett and argue about which of them would make the best pie.

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Wilkinson Sword razors

Dollar Shave Club

Killer Pinata

Friday the 13th

Tomb Raider

Rhianna Pratchett

Tim Burton to direct live action Dumbo

Frozen 2 announced

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On this week's show, Al and Tony experiment with video podcasting, review the movie Predestination, and get their tech support horror stories on. After that, they answer your questions. 

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Monster Energy Drink Lady

Giant Pink Bunny in Space

Trailer #3 for The Avengers


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In this episode the guys review the lackluster tones of Horns while discussing the difficulties of adapting films from books. Then they discuss restaurants that want to deliver your mail, and robots that want to deliver your food.

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Digging Up the Marrow


Under the Skin

Mission Impossible 5 ending rewrite

Rob Schrab to direct Lego Movie 2

Waffle House mail


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