In this episode the guys take a look at The French Connection an old school film, that played with and deconstructed many action movie tropes before many of those tropes were popular. Then Albert talks about fulfilling his long-time dream of lifting heavy objects without doing any real work, and the guys discuss some Oscar snubs and nominees.

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Z Nation



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In this episode the guys talk with the awesome maker of stuff and things Ellie Ann about her new fantasy mashup book Slice of Life. Then they take listener questions and discuss the challenges and difficulties of succeeding creatively in the digital age.

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In this episode the guys lose sleep over the oft-overlooked Christopher Nolan film Insomnia. Then Albert is irrationally angry at Boyhood, and Tony talks about sleep deprived hallucinations.

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Boy's Life by Robert McCammon


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In this episode the guys join the cult of Ti West as they talk about his found-footage horror film The Sacrament. Then Albert talks about ten years at Walmart and complains about crazy people on Facebook.



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In this episode the guys meet a monster from Norse mythology as they review Ragnarok. Then the guys discuss the highs and lows of Christmas, and argue over which would make a better super-hero: coffee or bacon?

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