This week Al and Tony stare into a magic mirror with Oculus. Then, they talk about pilgrimages, mess with microphones, After that, Al becomes a bad movie choreography apologist, Tony loses his mind over chokes, and is validated by Joe Rogan himself.

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Oculus Movie

Continental Divide

Camino De Santiago

Charlie Hunnam Accent

No Sleep Podcast

Amazon Warehouse Expose

BlokeBusters Podcast

TMNT Elevator Wu-Tang Scene


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In this episode the guys talk with long-time friend of the show Jon Jones, and discuss the best holiday special ever, A Charlie Brown Christmas. They also discuss the best gifts they've given or recieved.

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A special bonus episode reviewing the new horror sensation The Babadook! We break down the good, the bad, and the absolutely terrifying. The main part of the review is spoiler free. After the credits we discuss our theories and the ending.

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The Babadook

You can find this movie on Amazon PPV, Google Play, iTunes, and most other streaming platforms.

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In this episode the guys analyze the inferior but still awesome sequel to the best Christmas movie ever, Die Hard 2. Then they discuss the greatest sequels ever.





Best Sequels

The Rescuers Down Under

Fievel Goes West

22 Jump Street


die hard

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In this episode the guys talk about a Christmas movie without a single gremlin in it, inappropriately titled Gremlins. Tony spins conspiracy theories about Bill Hick and Alex Jones until he's sick. Albert is excited about Star Wars (among other things. Many many other things.)

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