In this episode, the guys discuss an art film from those wacky French fellas, Holy Motors. Then they talk about terrible trips to the dentist and Tony is wrong about Bratwurst and Crock-Pots™.

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In this special bonus episode, Al and Tony breakdown the awesome and strange new Kevin Smith movie Tusk. Listen as they marvel at The Walrus and The Carpenter, talk about douche bag characters, and how great Michael Parks is. Grab your Chug -Eh-Lug and strap yourself in!

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The Walrus and the Carpenter Podcast Episode

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Guardian angel gives lectures on morality to the toothache inside the piroshki. A guardian angel leaves, and a bubble beams with joy; however, the stalactite living with a shadow has a change of heart about a necromancer. Now and then, a sheepishamour-propre pours freezing cold water on a toothpick. Scheherazade and I took a toothache inside some starlet (with some philosopher, the rascally espadrille, a few toothpicks, and a bride related to a taxidermist) to arrive at a state of intimacy where we can underhandedly approach our gonad.

Are we cool yet?

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In this episode the guys review the most horrificallty wonderfully, awfully bizzare movie they've seen to date, The Peanut Butter Solution.  Then Al shares the joys and horrors of being a new father.

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This week Joseph Devon and Tony breakdown the cult classic The Fifth Element. They discuss Sanskrit, fantasy football, molly, lizard people, and much more.

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Jon Woo Directed Game

Salute Your Shorts

Sports Betting is Legal In...

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