In this episode the guys talk about the horror film that isn't sure what it wants to be when it grows up, From Dusk Till Dawn. Then Albert raves about Godzilla, relates his discovery of Bollywood films, and the guys take listener questions.


Blindsight by Peter Watts (seriously this is like the tenth time this book has been in the show notes. It's awesome, it's FREE. WHY HAVE YOU NOT READ IT YET?!)
dusk till dawn weapons


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In this episode Al and Tony review the one and only movie directed by Stephen King, Maximum Overdrive. Along the way, they try to figure out what makes a "good" bad movie, and get all psyched up about Godzilla.

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In this episode, Al and Tony review the B-movie goodness of the 80's schlock-fest movie Re-Animator. Tony complains about haggling customers, and then immediately admits to being guilty of the same thing, while Albert comes to defense of director Michael Bay.

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underwater art

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In this episode the guys dissect the visceral docudrama The Dirties. Then Albert talks about the deluge of rain that wrecked parts of his town and Tony talks about investing in the new cryptocurrency Dogecoin.

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In this episode Al and Tony argue over whether Andrei Tarkovsky's film Nostalghia is a visual sedative or pogniant art. Then Al talks about finally using Vine, and complains that his new phone isn't futuristic enough.

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Sculpting in Time by Andrei Tarkovsky
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
Twelve Angry Men audio dramatization
Hardcore History
Leviathan by James Byron Huggins (Two things about this book: first it's like five bucks for Kindle — totally worth it. Second, the eight foot tall viking dude who is also a priest and who fights the genetically enhanced cyborg dragon with an axe? He's called Thor. I don't know how you're not reading this already.)



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