In this episode the guys review the pitch-perfect supernatural horror film The Mothman Prophecies with some eerie interruptions. They share their lifelong fascination with U.F.O. sightings and all things paranormal.

Then Bill Oberst Jr. drops in to talk about playing an altogether different kind of monster in Children of Sorrow, and reveals the reason he takes on such frightening roles. Keep an eye open for a stand alone episode later this week. Friends, please take a moment to like his IMDB page. His interview starts at the 37 minute mark.

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In this episode the guy talk about one of the most disturbing films they've ever seen, Children of Sorrow. Then things get disturbing in an entirely different way when the conversation gets all sweaty (literally).



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This episode marks the joyous and triumphant and joyous return of Joseph Devon! Joseph talks with us about his latest book Persistent Illusions (to avoid spoilers for the first book in the series, Probability Angels take a listen to our first interview with Joseph here). Along the way we answer questions from the audience and geek out about history stuff.


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In this episode, the guys discuss the character-driven (if slightly obtuse) horror film Resolution. Then Tony gets political and bashes Occupy Wall Street's disorganization, and Al is creeped out by silverfish.



The Black Swan (You cannot imagine my sorrow when I learned that this was not an adaptation of Nassim Nicholas Taleb's book about dangers of discounting unlikely outcomes.)
For Joseph.



badass egyptian protester

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