On this episode the guys talk about Maniac. Tony gets excited about the Superbowl, and smokes his "bong" really really loudly. Albert whines about California liberals and laments the insanity surrounding Justin Bieber's arrest.

Also, there's a new drawing of the octoshark on the loose! Scroll to the bottom of this post and behold the awesome terror.

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Thanks to @mortemposts for this awesome new image of the octoshark. You can check out more of her horror themed artwork here. (She is also the one responsible for the awesome new podcast logo.)
Octoshark drawing from @Mortemposts


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In this episode the guys discuss the horror film Banshee Chapter. Tony says "pandimensional" a lot. Albert discovers the best kids movie ever. Hop in your isolation tank and check it out.

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Timothy Leary

Isolation tank

Ergot poisoning 

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In this episode Tony drags Al into his childhood once again with sci-fi horror flick Event Horizon. Then the guys discuss unlikely sequels and awesome remakes.

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Proposed Gladiator sequel
Titanic II (also Albert did a review of this.)
The Legend of Hercules
Hardcore History: Shield of the West (Dan Carlin on the Battle of Thermopylae)
Archer Season Five


battle ships in arena

 In this episode the guys discuss Escape from Tomorrow a movie filmed at Disneyland without permission. Later, Tony regales us with tales of living in a marijuana Mecca, and Albert is weirded out by robots.

Marijuana Overdoses Kill 37 in Colorado
Gum chewing robot
Golf club swinging robot
John Henry
Happy New Year, Charlie Brown!

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In this episode Al and Tony ring in the new year by remembering the old, and Al tells the story of the worst nightmare ever.


Links and Stuff:
"Pursuit" by Stephen Dobyns
SModcast #259: "The Walrus and the Carpenter"
The Wide Carnivorous Sky and other Monstrous Geographies by John Langan
Taylor Wilson: Teenage Nuclear Scientist (This guy's life sounds like a ripoff from the Tom Swift books.)
"Writing Resolution: 2014 and Beyond" by Chuck Wendig

colbert hobbit

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