This week Tony and Al drink from the suspiciously hydrodynamic goat skull that is Ti West's House of the Devil. Tony tells the story of the demonic bird-deity that lives in his chimney and is likely to kill any day now, just you wait and see. And later the guys discuss old-school gaming, authorial wagon ruts, Christmas music and the bitter-sweet tug of nostalgia.


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House of the Devil (on Netflix)

Anchorhead (that interactive fiction game Albert mentioned he was really getting into.)

The Fat Man by Ken Harmon (also available from our fine sponsors at Start your free trial today!)

Jasper Fforde

The Raw Shark Texts by Stephen Hall

Mark Z. Danielewski

This Would be Less Work if Albert Hadn't Namedropped so Many Authors

Seth Graham-Smith


Next week we're kicking off December with a feel-good Christmas flick about how Santa Claus used to be some kind of demon-monster thing. Check out Rare Exports on Netflix.

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