In this week's episode we analyze the intellectual insanity that is Pontypool and dig into the deep questions raised by the film. Does language infect the way we perceive reality? Was the Ludovician born in Canada? Are musicals really all that bad?


Then, we expound the wonders of the outdoors, and Tony reveals how he escaped a life of being a rocket-wielding, fire-starting, almost-got-charged-with-a-felony supervillain and joined sacred and ancient order of the Cyber Monks. (Or maybe he did some community service IT work for some churches. Eh, close enough.)


Finally we slam a magazine into our verbal machine guns and mow down Hollywood's misrepresentation of firearms.


One more reminder: Our flash fiction contest for a short story involving a Men in Black style witness protection program is still going. Keep it under 500 words. If you win, we toss you five bucks and read it on the air. Send all entries to


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Links for the Nerdy:

Pontypool on Netflix (in the US). Watch it.

The Sapir-Worf Hypothesis. (No not that Whorf.)

Stephen Hall's Raw Shark Texts. It is a book. With pages and also ideas. 


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