This week in the Human Echoes Podcast, Al and Tony dive into the eviscerated entrails of indie horror flick Yellowbrickroad. Is it a metafictional examination of the medium of film? Is it a horrifying interpretation of The Wizard of Oz? Is it an anti-feminist manifesto? Listen in wonder and amazement as these questions and many more go completely unanswered.


In the second half of the podcast we share our (largely spoiler free) love for time travel flick Looper, and Albert explains why Ready Player One may be the best bad book you'll ever read. Then we discuss the basic protips everyone should know to make it through life, and attempt to court the favor of internet liberals by hating on Atlas Shrugged.


Also, in this week's episode: Tony turns an offhand remark into the first Human Echoes microfiction competition. Write a hundred word story about the Men in Black witness protection program and win the chance to be featured on the podcast that's been taking the internet by a storm. (And when we say, "storm" we mean, "some guy thought he got hit by a raindrop, but it turned out to be someone spitting out of a helicopter.")


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