This week Tony and Al tackle David Wong's most recent venture into hilarious horror, This Book is Full of Spiders. How well does it stand up to its predecessor John Dies at the End? Whatever happened to Monster Dave? Is giving this book two thumbs up too chairitable? Is a chair really the secret weapon?


Then, in the second half of the podcast, Albert gripes about missed opportunities in John Hornor Jacob's debut novel Southern Gods, and the guys discuss the finer points of the C'thulhu mythos.


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Relevant Links:


John Dies at the End

This Book is Full of Spiders

Southern Gods

The Call of C'thulhu (Free Download!)


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In this week's episode we analyze the intellectual insanity that is Pontypool and dig into the deep questions raised by the film. Does language infect the way we perceive reality? Was the Ludovician born in Canada? Are musicals really all that bad?


Then, we expound the wonders of the outdoors, and Tony reveals how he escaped a life of being a rocket-wielding, fire-starting, almost-got-charged-with-a-felony supervillain and joined sacred and ancient order of the Cyber Monks. (Or maybe he did some community service IT work for some churches. Eh, close enough.)


Finally we slam a magazine into our verbal machine guns and mow down Hollywood's misrepresentation of firearms.


One more reminder: Our flash fiction contest for a short story involving a Men in Black style witness protection program is still going. Keep it under 500 words. If you win, we toss you five bucks and read it on the air. Send all entries to


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Links for the Nerdy:

Pontypool on Netflix (in the US). Watch it.

The Sapir-Worf Hypothesis. (No not that Whorf.)

Stephen Hall's Raw Shark Texts. It is a book. With pages and also ideas. 


You can follow us on Twitter @tsouthcotte and @Albert_Berg, or you can subscribe to the podcast's twitter feed at @HEPodcast. Our blogs are also available to the right of this message on the sidebar.

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This week in the Human Echoes Podcast, Al and Tony dive into the eviscerated entrails of indie horror flick Yellowbrickroad. Is it a metafictional examination of the medium of film? Is it a horrifying interpretation of The Wizard of Oz? Is it an anti-feminist manifesto? Listen in wonder and amazement as these questions and many more go completely unanswered.


In the second half of the podcast we share our (largely spoiler free) love for time travel flick Looper, and Albert explains why Ready Player One may be the best bad book you'll ever read. Then we discuss the basic protips everyone should know to make it through life, and attempt to court the favor of internet liberals by hating on Atlas Shrugged.


Also, in this week's episode: Tony turns an offhand remark into the first Human Echoes microfiction competition. Write a hundred word story about the Men in Black witness protection program and win the chance to be featured on the podcast that's been taking the internet by a storm. (And when we say, "storm" we mean, "some guy thought he got hit by a raindrop, but it turned out to be someone spitting out of a helicopter.")


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It is a little known fact that most serial killers can be found at community colleges taking courses in Photoshop. This week Al Berg and Tony Southcotte breakdown Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.


In keeping with our strict policy of tangents, we also find ourselves fixated on the creations of Joss Whedon, with both The Avengers and Cabin in the Woods.


We also talk about what might be the best pure zombie book out there: World War Z by Max Brooks.


Next week we will be reviewing YellowBrickRoad, which is available on netflix and on a VHS tapes in your creepy neighbor's outhouse. It really might be easier to stream it.

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