On this episode of the Human Echoes Podcast the Christmas cheer continues as the guys delve into the book The Fat Man: a Tale of North Pole Noir by Ken Harmon. Also, Albert reads a horror themed Christmas short story, and Tony admits he's never seen It's a Wonderful Life.


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The Fat Man by Ken Harmon

The Hagakure

It's a Wonderful Life

The Greatest Gift by Phillip Van Doren Stern (The short story that inspired It's a Wonderful Life. Also possibly an early appearance of The Doctor. Think about it: strange man, shows up exactly when he's needed, starts mucking about with timelines just to prove a point? Makes way more sense than "an angel did it" in my not-so-humble opinion.)


Next week follow along as we finish out the year with Nazi zombie movie Dead Snow. (Nazi zombies have their own genre now. Whodathunkit?)

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